The Similarities And Differences Between CNC And PLC Grinder
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The Similarities And Differences Between CNC And PLC Grinder


Similarities OF CNC and PLC grinder

The two grinders both make the tool grinding process to a certain level of automation, so as to save manpower.

Differences between CNC and PLC grinder

1) different application technologies: numerical control technology, referred to as numerical control, that is, the use of digital control method to achieve automatic control of a working process technology. It usually controls the position, Angle, speed and other mechanical quantities and the flow of mechanical energy related to the switch quantity. The production of numerical control depends on the emergence of data carrier and binary data operation.PLC control system, programming logic controller can be designed for industrial production of a kind of digital computing operations electronic device, it uses a programmable memory, used for its internal storage procedures, performing the logic operation, sequence control, timing, counting, arithmetic operations, and other user-oriented instructions. It is the core of industrial control to control various types of machinery or production process through the digital or analog input/output. 2) the difference between the two typical products of our company (BT-150D andBT-150N) :BT-150D tool grinder is a numerical control machine, and users can name and save the grinding parameters in the system. When the tool is grand again, there is no need to repeatedly input parameters, they just bring up the previous records for grinding.BT-150N grinding machine is controlled by PLC system, is a semi-automatic tool grinder, the machine can be switched to manual mode for high precision and small batch grinding. 150 d d 150 n
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