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  • Grinding Wheel For PCD And PCBN Tools

    Grinding Wheel For PCD And PCBN Tools Introduction: Features: Ceramic bonded diamond grinding wheel has high strength, good heat resistance, sharp cutting, high grinding efficiency, not easy to heat and plug in the grinding process, small thermal expansion, easy to control the machining accuracy. Scope of use: used for fine grinding of PCD, PCBN automobile hub cutter, outer round cutter, super hard insert, end surface, hole, and so on. Bond type: ceramic bond: The requirement of grinding equipment for the Grinding Wheel For PCD And PCBN Tools is much higher than that of ordinary tool grinding machines. Due to the high hardness of diamond, the grinding force is much higher than that of grinding hard alloy, and the grinding force is very large, and the grinding is easy to lose PCD particles, affecting the service life of the tool.PCD materials are mainly divided into three types according to the particle size: coarse particle size (20-50μm), medium particle size (about 10μm), and fine particle size (-5μm). The coarser the particle size is, the more difficult it is to grind. Fine-grain grinding is easy, grinding edge quality is better.

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