PCD Inserts Introduction
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PCD Inserts Introduction


PCD blades have the following advantages: low friction coefficient, extremely high hardness and wear resistance, high thermal conductivity, high elastic modulus, and other advantages, so because of their advantages are now widely used in various industries. It can be used for precision machining of non-metallic hard and brittle materials, such as graphite, high wear-resistant materials, composite materials, high-silicon aluminum alloys, and other ductile non-ferrous materials.

Demina has produced PCD inserts grinding machines in China for ten years. The model BT-150H is suitable for PCD insert grinding of massive production. PCD is a hard and brittle material, which cannot bear the impact force (especially periodic). Therefore, the modified machine tool of our company has designed a “flexible feed” device with air pressure, which can effectively improve the roughness of the cutting edge when it is subjected to the impact force.

If you are interested in our BT-150H tool grinding machine, please contact us.

BT-150H tool grinding machine general configuration:

1) One standard machine.

2) Grinding cooling water tank.

3) Main shaft cooling water tank.

4) A set of random tools (provided separately when ordering the list, including an operation manual).

5) One piece of the ceramic bonded diamond grinding wheel.

It is very popular for PCD inserts manufacturers. Welcome to visit our factory.

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